Core Civilisational Cruxes

Core Civilisational Cruxes :- 

1. The Conservatives have doubled our indebtedness to Overseas big-money-bosses

Leadership –  .

.2. More than any other Party, the Conservatives hide vital new information, knowledge, and citizenship-know-how, from us (the “Sovereign-Democratic Public”):
e.g. that the average individual  Briton in the UK is already consuming 5-times more than their fair-share of the Earth’s lifesupportive produce and resouirces.

.3. (a)  “Being called, or calling yourself, “leader” will never make you one“. (chapter heading in a set university textbook).
(b)  Similarly hiding your weaknesses behind    vigorous demands for your “hand to be strengthened” e.g. by an “emergency general election”

(c)   Our Common Lifeplace occupies 128 hours (out of the 168 in a 7-day week)
[as distinct from the 40-hour Workplace]
and in It we need Emulable Leaders
namely individuals publicly-transparently making a success of living off just one-human-living.

(d)  Politics, and other hierarchies, are Workplaces, which are ruled by Commanders – not by “Leaders”.

(e)  (i)  You are required to arrive at your Workplace with at least one adequate skill [the skill pre-dictated by your Employer].
(ii)  You do not spend your own money in the workplace.
(iii) Workplaces are both safer and easier than Lifeplaces –
[they are “competently-secure”; and require of you only the skill that you have already mastered and therefore find easy].

(f)  (i)  In the Lifeplace you do not need “skills” – but you do need both “enablements” and “abilities”..
(ii)  In the Lifeplace you are more vulnerable to accidents and disadvantagements, and are more exposed to unexpected criminality, than in the Workplace.

.4.   —— ——-  1249 > 1303 Sn 30 04 17 ———————–

Core Civilisational Cruxes :- 

[Being Cowardly-Curtained-Off,
By Crippled-&-Crippling,
Extreme and Over-Costly

“UK-Teresa-May-Conservatism”] –

but by all our other Establishments and “Representatives”
in an insidiously-deep & corrupt complicity, too  !

[   to be continued and completed  after pause for self-maintenance and domestic and life-workstation “chores”   ]  1302 Sunday 30 April 2017