“Europe Debating” failed public-participation

(1)  I submitted “concerns” to this “world-public participation” e-site,

(2)  only to find that neither that nor my name have been published and registered by that “Egalitarianly-Participative-Democratic-Organisation –

(3)  {whose impossibly lengthy list of “world-leaders” flies “concealedly” in the face of Life-Reality

by failing to show any of them as being both able and willing to publicly-transparently live off just One human-living
(in UK the minimum weekly human-living would be between £150 and £200 per week – and be without individual, personal, or family capital-assets) }.

(4)  Surely, the most essential of both this Earth1-bound human-services
and of space-emigration to an “Earth2” –
[namely to escape our extinction as an Existence-Worthy Race,
in the longest-term space-migratingly,
as well as short-terms “thriftily-economisingly*” ]

will need huge reserves of fossil-fuels.

Summary:  Without “cleaning up” our language,
and “clearing” our Common-Mind,

we are self-dooming to continue in what is the worst possible insidiously hostile “loophole” in our Constitutions and Objects-of-Association, namely groundless-fantasy, and conflation betwixt personal and Class “delusion of grandeur”
[such as by the psychiatrist “needing” £2000 per week [job expenses excluded as being met by the Workplace Employer/Sector
(e.g. the UK National ‘Health’ Service :  which in further reality is the UK National Illnesses-&-Hospitals Sector) –

£2000 being 10(ten)  human-livings –
{the psychiatrist is thereunder “9-times deluded
i.e. that s/he is ten human beings, One sufficient human-living being legislated in UK as £150 – ( plus a “workable tolerance-margin” up to £200 per week}.


(6)  Evidently “someone” “at the bottom” is both aware of and willing-&-able to communicate this Matter to you –
the whole-world-public as well as to the “Leaders” in such high places as the “Europe Debate” and the United Nations.

That makes the shortfall and onus fall squarely upon the heads, lifeplaces and workplaces of those Leaders;

and delivers at least one-common-world-civilisation-member [author-publisher jsdm-of-39B1 ]
from any future “malfeasance” and “responsibility” culpability.

*  “Economising” in the sense of “minimising” all human-efforts, consumptions, and other factors :-
probably we should be “mindfully” thinking
and pro-actioning both our Lifeplace and our Workplace

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