Keep on “lifting thine eyes unto the -” away-above-the-clouds Various and Conflicting World-Longest-Term Strategies and Constitutions

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Some people were “lucky” – i.e. very adequately well parented, schooled and socially-integrated:  leading in turn to all the right and best training and job-plkacements, right up to the Top-Jobs and the most protected and priviliehged luxury lifestyles and property-ownerships.  And evidently such a minority needs to be only a “handful”, of individual-capitalists, oligarchs, or autocratys, to continue an “incomplete and largely hard-life-inexperienced” domination of all Constitutions, Legislations, Regulations, Economic Sectors, and Social-Developments.

Many more, however, either “went-short” or were accidentally or deliberately not only “kept short” but bodily, emotionally, mind-ly, and/or spiritually “wounded” – impaired, even permanently-disabled.
Such would still appear to be “the ‘variously-suffering’ vast majority” all around the world.
That is why not only you, but evidently every Lifeplace organisation and [“by-definition”] every Workplace, even the United Nations, World-Religions, and “Education”-Institutions worldwide
continue falling far short of both aggregate- and individual human-development.
To sight, and thereafter maybe “catch up with” true advances and puiblications for hiolistic-human-development and environmental sustin-worthy-ing,
go to;; –
and some submissions (including from JohnSyneyDentonMiles/JSDM – since May 2010) to  [UK House of Lords “two-way participatorily-democratic redach-out to the Public].
————– That is why even when you seem to be progressing, you are in fact only imperceptibly trapped in a “uroboric-circle”.
Nonetheless, you still have to keep on “circling” –
or as some of us say “revolving-doors-stirring”.
John SD Miloes.
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