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To Lord Hylton’s post and maude-elwes’s final response included now  0745 Monday 24 04 2017

“Robbed” is a huge part of the constitutional-malfeasances
that we are ‘victims’ of rather than ‘subjects’ – (maude).

Equally huge and maybe equally detectable is the “passive-aggression” of the Constitution,
and thereunder of
the Establishment;

the Judiciary;

the various Legislatures;

the more proliferous
and hugely-overpaid

the Medical&Hospitals Sector
[because they conflationally undermined the NHS-Inception in1948, and again hi-jacked the spirit of the UN Declaration for Primary Health Care by sweeping it all underf the long-pre-existing and dominant Primary Medical Care, and are still “stonewallingly” instrumental in denying us an
Holistic-Health-Building Service
absolutely separately from the NHS, doctors, nurses, and chemists.

[which is practically non-existent having been insidiously hi-jacked
as the “front-word” for, and “icing-on-top-of-the-cake” of, the Compulsory-Workplaces’ Job/Careers Foundational Training, Drilling, Schooling and never-ending further narrowing-down
and ‘professionally-focusing’ “blinkers”.

Religions and Cultural-Societies
{which have become competitively-profit-seeking “businesses”
rather than the Lifeplace Educators and Facilitators they should be.

The failed and failing Constitutional, Legislative, and Lifesupports Debacles and Skulking -Situations abound..
There is only one Positively-Peaceful and Sustain-worthy Solution :-

Priority # A.1 :- Daily and hourly increase your own sustain-worthiness; and
Priority # A.2 :- Weekly meet to make your civilisation sustain-worthier.

Priority # B.1:- Start reducing your Lifeplace expenditure to
“One-Human-Living” [per week = (say) £200] ;
your credit remainder you deposi in your part, and ASAP “co-part”,
of the
New Sustainworthy-and-Sustainworthying Society and Local Neighbourhood Branch thereof

[to which you will sooner rather than later ‘fully belong’,
but currently which

can only “notionally”, and “personally-privately”, support and belong-in. ].