Further-“more” –

0615  Easter Tuesday

Our personal and collective human Longest-Term and ‘Absolute’ Need –

is wholly Biological –

and it is quite simply –
‘though not at all “simplisticly” –

to thrivally-survive upon just one-human-living.-  any surplus income and assets are needed to be committed
to the Longest-Term Cooperatively Collective Purpose …  [this now needs to be “actioned”] 


Consider –

(1)  the huge amounts of expressive “human”-energy
literally gushing  – 24/7 – from millions upon millions of “individually-capitalisticly-“earned”
f radios, mobile-phones, i-pads, TV and PC boxes, and “street -” as well as “live stage shows” –  0505

(2) might there be a Causative core-factor ( there ) ?
e.g.  the more “bio-energy” personally consumed [food and drink]
plus “techno-energy*” –  electricity; gas; “natural fuel” [precious rainforest trees, as well as their ancestors’ “oil” from underground]]personally but often also collectively expended
[“private”-cars; aeroplane “flights”, dishwashing-machines >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ad nauseam]  –

the more powerfully “inter-connecting” our “communications” can be made –

the clearer { LOUDER –  EARSPLITTINGLY REAL } we can “get the message across” –

——————-    *  the correct term for “(industrio-techno)- ‘energies’ ” is actually “fuels” (fossil-fuels)—————— 0522

0612     you need to factor-in (1)  China consuming and destroying 10% more than each person’s fair share of this Earth’s resources
(2)  Europeans 4%

(3) we  British 5%

(4)  North Americans  9%

  •  more than our fair-share –


Peace       –       happy remaining eastertide ——— 0615 —–