Our Human-Civilisation has become a False-Values Multi-Bubble


1849 M 170417 

We ourselves,
Bottom-most Bottom,
are already an obscenely overpopulated
Invisibly-&-Insidiously Growing
upon this Living-Earth.


We have come to constitute a “Multi-Explosive-&-Implosive Gas-Bubble” –
constructed out of
(1)  A falsely-founded and over-valued financial-&-monetary base
and a consequently Babel-toweringly-imbalanced Banking-Pyramid

together with

(2) A Falsely-Valued and Inflated pyramid of Goods and Services
– in short, our civilisational Values not only fail to faithfully-represent this Earth’s Lifesupports,
it misrepresents and malfeasantly distorts them.

(3) Falsely-founded Individual and Aggregate Holistic-Human-Development Programmes and Indices, resulting in
(a) Imbalanced, imbalancing, inefficient and ineffective Lifeplace-Education and Workplace-Training philosophies, practicums, programmes and logistic-infrastructurings;
(b) Both Individual and Class Workplace and Lifeplace Mind-Delusions
and Natural-Evolution-Lagging Unconsciously-False Fantasisings and Phantasmagorialisings
thus bringing about the very diseases, extinctions and and destructions those fantasies both portray
and get written unconsciously-diabolicly into Constitutions from Top to Bottom –
and subsequently get stamped into Legislation, Regulation, Law & Order,
and into the “Rules-&-Guidances-of-Life”
of not only the whole of human-civilised life
but of all Life and Lifesupports
upon this now already “Dying by-being-Killed-by-Human-Hand-&-Weaponry” planet.Earth-1.


Your and Our
only hope

Is to increase
your and our

of your-self
and of your and our surrounding environment and civilisation.


————– 1849 M 17 04 17 ———– jsdm author-publisher —————-
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