The Blind British Balloon

{  You will need to get through, or at least dip-into, some

(1)  serious preparatory reading –
{ “This Changes Everything” (Naomi Klein);   “50 Facts That Should Change The World” (Jessica Williams);   “Holistic Living” (Dr Partick Pietroni) }.
Copy also the recommended sources lists in ‘Basics’ pages of; ;


(2)  news-commentaries
{RT News probably has the the most insightful, ‘challenging’, and entertaining  series of [serious] “Shows” – The Keiser Report”; “Larry King Interviews”; “Cross Talk” ]



(3)  Non-fiction-documentaries
{David Attenborough hosts the seriously-researched one-off scientific, technological, governancial,and human-developmental “How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth” }.



(4) and you will need to have at least begun to bodily-and-mindfully “do” –

not just have “read all about” or “read enough of”
some of the new-knowledgeable know-how guidances, that are plentifully laid out
in every one of these recommended new (and some very neglected old) advances.

See the lists under ‘Basics’ in the above two websites.


And remember to distinguish clearly,
for instance between “earning” and “being given”;
“being let go of” and “being sacked”;
“Workplace 40 hours pe week “versus” Lifeplace 128 hours”;
“sustainable” versus “sustain-worthy” ;

[ … et seq genus omne – [a serious schoolboy’s attempt to be “serious”, in the sense of “and all those sorts of things”]  –


Peace be with you.


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