Public World “Debating” – (1) Europe

The following has just been e-sent to Debating Europe:-

Why can I not find the correct sequence of democratic-scrutiny, namely
(1) all of the facts publicly shared openly on-line
(2) “empty, egalitarianly, e-sited, virtual, progressive-round-table” for cooperative public discussion;
(3) People-level “debating”; [essentially prior to –
(4) Top-Governance “debating” – and prior to “unilateral-action-ing” by Governance Levels [e.g. Trump-versus-CW/WMD;
et al versus “whatever” – –
and hopefully prior to “Non-Governmental/Terrorist unilateral action-ing”, too ?
I made a submission to Debating Europe a month or so ago,
concerning both “Self-&-Civilisation Sustain-Worthy-ing”
“Personal-&-Mutual-Holistic Health Building”
and our need for the UN to establish an “Individual Human Development Programme” –
– and “IHDI” (Index) most focally for our 128 hours per week Lifeplace
as in contrast to – and in many places and timeframes “conflict-with” – the 40 hrs per week [and falsely-labelled “socially-mobile”] Workplace –
but it appears to have been “disappeared” ————-

Could you kindly put me in the Picture, please ?

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