Your Only Possible Personal & Neighbbourhood Thrival-Survival

see also above “United Nations”


The worldwide-domineering “Individual Capitalism”,
“Destructively-Competitive & Militant Politics”
and the
“Blindly-Non-Charitable Hard-Hearted-nesses
of All Religions & Non-Governmental Organisations

of the Controlling-Nation-States
around this so-far-still-living Planet,

have long-since
“had their day”

and the whole Human World desperately needs
to have both its best
and longest-term-sustain-worthy
Things, Knowledges, and Practical-Know-Hows
carried forward

whilst also immediately having
its extinctive, destructive, wasteful,
and non- or un- sustain-worthy Things, Knowledges and Know-Hows
‘dungeoned’,  ‘disarmed’
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(to be further detailed 0700 Friday 07 04 17)

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