A Propos Britain’s Future – ?

Britain may be “the fifth largest economic Workplace in the world” –

.- that’s nonetheless “hiddenly” still largely being carried-along
by the ‘slipstream’ of the Colonial British ‘Commonwealth’ (aggressively-profiteering) ‘era’ –

which in turn is within the very uncomfortably frictional, debilitating, and failing
“win-lose adversarial divide”
between and betwixt
the ‘Global’ World-Workplace (as well as Britain’s Workplace)
the British-Lifeplace  [as well as ‘against’ the World Lifeplace] –

and here in Britain where not only is the Parliamentary and Civil-Service State failing,
but so are The People and their Educators and Advocates.

The ‘outside-of-the-box-de-facto’
inflating of pay-grades-financial, and falsifying of human-life-energics and life-values
but also
wholesale straitjacketing of sustainworthy-lifestyle and holistic-health co-building
and inhibition of affordable wellbeing constutional and “grass-roots” progress,
These wastages are being “ringmastered” by “our democratic” –
–  but still “traditional” hierarchical pyramid-shaped –  and dangerously-seriously-lopsided,
“monarchicly-democratic Ship-of-State” –

with its so-called – but also “one-eyed” and “narcissistic”-
“Social-mobility”, “World respect”,
and of its “British Way of Life”
[this latter 64 million people has settled into consuming five(5)-times our fair share of this Earth’s total lifesupports-produce, and in “agitating” for even more]..


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