Your “Interim-Civilisation-Era” –

has the following Emergency-Essential World-View –

1.  The world-wide human-population is “exploding” irreversibly
{except by “deliberately-massive-genociding” of whole biomic human-populations in hundreds-of-millions
and has, in 1970 Professor Jonathan Stone’s “Australian Open University” “Environmental Studies” course – warned the world
“We humans have already become a plague upon this Living-Earth”

[within which same course Professor David Smith (name detail ?) also declared
“Some-one has to get it through to the Economists
that they have a fundamental equation very wrong somewhere – “
(too much civilisational-demand-and-destruction,
‘blindly-riding’ upon insidiously “disappearing” economic-resources)
and he wrote the international universities leading ‘ecolonomical’ ‘new’-foundation textbook “Continent In Crisis“}.

Now the immediate political forecast is already for an [irreversible]
of the world human-population to 10 billion by 2050
( – some say 8 billion by 2020) –
2.  Whilst – since before the previous milennium (all the 1900s)
this Earth is being technologically-and-militarily “enslaved”
and “command-economicly” demanded and forced  to produce
more than “one-Earth’s-worth” of human-lifesupports –

and daily increasingly so, to feed and shelter the
“natural increase of the human-world non-self-supportable mouths and fragile-bodies“.


RT News’s “Shows” are just one daily viewable and hear-able (and ‘copyable’) tightly
and almost “inclusively encompassing”
such world-issues and extinction-forebodings as the ones this author-publisher of this and back-up-sites is showing –

e.g. The Big Picture-;  The Keiser Report ;  Cross Talk ;


But what Top-Urgently and Vitally needs to be done
and be ongoingly a-doing
and leadingly-happening 24/7 ‘yesterday’,
is a

United Nations level Think-Tanks-Webwork
of Emergency-&-Longest-Term-Future-Planning,

consisting of World Governance “Leaders”
[and make Trump, Merkel, May, and other Top-Presidents and Ministers, pro-actively and cooperatively attend]
alongside other “leader” people such as
World-Knowledge-Expertises-and-Grass-Roots-Struggling-“Livers”[128 hrs per week] as well as “Workers”[40 hrs per week] ,
World-Leading-Academic Leaders Planning-  [‘Forum’ ‘World-Parliament’, ‘Scrutiny-Show’ – what-ever) –
3.  Meanwhile you dear reader need to invite or ‘co-opt’ this author-publisher and his/her ‘like’ –
into or ‘externally-associated with’ –  ‘your’ local “Sustainworthying-Association” –
and to genuinely-together start “worldwide-growing” this new All-Peoples-Self-and-Civilisations-Sustainworthying Movement”.



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