At the end of The 1st of April 2017,  our ‘Human-plus-WhatNot Quasi-Civilisational “Pyramid”,
needs to be detailed,

down to you the individual

and to me – {and to…
” …old uncle ‘Tom Cobley’ and All –   { NBplease   ‘All’ in the sense of every-one, NOT everyone }

in short. now as we are carried forward time- linearly yet still time-circularly over-lappingly forwards into GMT+ Sunday the 2nd of April

the crux is that

(1)  No human-being can progress forwards without personally consummating their Forgiveness(es) [at the Sixth Sacramenal divine-human-energy-centre/chakra/sefirot]
NB: Forgiveness is Conditional upon the prospective ‘forgivee’
ceasing to do the wrong they they have done, are doing, or may begin doing in any of their future time,
redressing all of that wrong (in the new “now” provided only by the Forgiveness),
and concomitantly having begun and increasingly continued to be doing the right-thing,  may be forgiven*  0019

(2) Every-one must redress every wrong they have done, and repay every debt, before they can be allowed to progress further within the Holiness of Life.

(The crux point here now becomes more “visible” –

the more a person has “consumed”,
and especially been “wasting”, “extincting” and/or “destroying” –

the more indebted and ‘sub-judice’ “Unforgiveable” they have become –
*   Note also please – that “Sin against The Holy Spirit may never be forgiven you” {Jesus-Christ}

———- please “stay tuned” —–
——— we now have to “apportion” this Indebtedness and “Lock-Out” according to both Quantity and Quality ————
———– beginning with “Construct a “£pyramid” showing how the ‘mean’ overconsumption-and-lifesupports-destruction—-
——– namely of “5-human-livings per ‘standard’-person” within the 64-million UK population ———-
—– which people are consuming the most [maybe even 500-human-livings or more (as in the case of certain Financial and Bank “chiefs”) ——
——— rather than the national-‘average’ of 5 (five human livings (each) ) —–
——-   and who, and how many “Brits”, are consuming less than that ‘average’ – of “five-times-more than their fair share of the whole-world’s resources and lifesupports” –  ?] —– 0044 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55    jsdm author& publisher —-

—— chores + self-maintenance ———–


Factual Research has shown that our Human Race
spread as it is all over the Earth
is life-threateningly
extincting essential Lifeforms
and one-way destroying vital long-term minerals and micronutrients,
and irreversibly toxifying and polluting Earth’s atmosphere, and both sea and fresh water resources;


and this is being dome deliberately-governmentally and warmongeringly by

Civilisational-Pyramids of Imbalancing Design and Outcome based now 99% solely upon a mistaken Evaluation-formula

that under-supports permanently low-income-&-expenditure Sustainworthy-Lifestyling people

but over-supports and over-protects Lifeplace-Inefficient and Unsustainworthy “socially-mobile hierarchical-win-lose-competitive Workplace-pyramid-climbing” career-people.



Stay  tuned  please