“… two differently-impaired …”

… so some of the surrogacy-students surged closer –
to the horizontal rectangle
well within which lay the sometimes-suffering “subject” –

whilst the Surrogacy Specialist’s eyes swept swiftly 360 degrees checking that all was correct
and everybody present,
before s/he began –

{{ for this was not only intimately whole-body life-enablementation that this intermediate learning-group were now to be
both studying (with their ‘minds’)
and hands-on practicing (with their own bodies) –
{“co-learningly” with both the ‘subject’ and all others present –
this ‘scenario’ now set to begin a 24/7 day-and-night long “thorough-going-review”
(of ‘ground’ already sufficiently covered by all present, including the “permitted-to-be-co-participatory-‘public’);

but ‘securely-needed’ also
(since such scenarios are by now [0600 Friday 31 March 2017] taking place “24/7” somewhere-and-probably-other  in this “human-world”)
to be complementarily confidential “on account” [no pun intended] of the inherent medical-factors involved,
necessitating full-body-length, and faces-masked, uniformly coloured,  overalls –
to be worn by all present [except of course the ‘subject’, who was needed to be naked and without trappings as far as possible }} –  s/he began :-

” Here we have our old friend “two-differently-impaired-knees . . .”  [all friendlily ‘chant’ “Good Morning, John -” [and-or ‘who-ever’]. m


(to be continued – with the reader kindly contributing your own apposite detail or ‘comment’ – thank you)


————- 0615 F31 03 17   jsdm ————— off now into chores and self-maintenance —————