The World-and-UK-Established-Governmental Erosion and Insidiously Covert Genocide –

The World-and-UK-Established-Governmental
Erosion and Insidiously Covert Genociding
of Disadvantaged, Disabled, Impaired, and  Permanent Low-Income People,
and by warmongeringly covert ‘immediate-emergency’ and long-term secret-strategic
‘Cannon-Foddering’ and ‘Collaterally-‘Sacrificing’
those same defenceless and disadvantaged peoples
and millions of “lower-rank” soldiers and other armed “peacemakers” –  


But just one “little” instance,
among many millions of even worse “wastage of taxpayers monies”
and of “avoidance” and “negation” of the real-facts, intentions, and needs
of the struggling people-on-the-ground –
[in this case two disabled 90 year old loyal citizens, one the carer, the other the caree] –

is shown on this e-site below
when Local Government invoiced Westminster Government £3,500 taxpayers-money for one minimum-wage level Sitter
to be with a peaceful great-grandmother caree
while that caree’s voluntary unpaid [but 24/7-required-by that same Government] –  carer
never got the “Respite” that Local Government claimed that £500 per day for,
but had to pay all his further-carer-training costs out of his own pocket,
after fully informing PCC of this need to take further holistic-care-and-health-building training

from 7a.m. to 1300pm every Thursday for 7 weeks –


So there is a further  hot  question needing to be asked of the other 64 million UK citizens and residents

why aren’t YOU holding UK governments to account

and ‘pro-test marching’ in favour of Holistic-Health-Building as a basic need and therefore universal Right ?

=============== 1855 Friday 31 March 2017 ==== JSDM victim, author and publisher========