“When Time Costs The Earth – “

The British House of Lords in Westminster, London
” – throughout the war – did nothing in particular – and did it very well – ”
[from  an historical English light-opera] ;

but when “It” began to reach-out to the Public, two-way – (nay multi-way) direct
and even foreshadowingly, participatorily-democraticly –
in 2008, by launching its minority voluntary group “Lords of the Blog” Hansard-Wordpress e-site
http://lordsoftheblog.net –

it also succeeded in “instantly” publishing every submission from the public, before “censorship” [factually by “moderation”]. –
i.e. whilst such “up-front-trusted public-submissions” were being ‘co-moderated, by the posting-peer and the Hansard “Citizenship-Education” ‘backroom’ moderator(s).].
JSDM (this “Life-Refreshment” site’s voluntary unpaid author-and-publisher’ now for a few years)
discovered these Peers in May 2010 and began submitting –

and indeed, once “established” as being “up-front-trustworthy”, such submissions from “anybody”  were “instantly” “pre-published” –
for the whole world public to see, and “scrutinise” and “do” or “think”  whatever  they “should” – “democratically” –
even ‘though some submissions “had to be pulled” – refused  longstanding approved publication –
because they were “abusive”, “incitement-to-harm”or otherwise either definitely, probably, or possibly “not fit for inclusion” in such a world-exemplary Governance’s “public service”.

{Surely such “instant” availability to all eyes would truly be a great step forward into “participatory-democracy” ? }.

However, not many months passed before all submissions had to await “clearance” by the Moderation-Function.

Come “today”, and “our democratic” submission to Lord Hylton’s new book review of  “Our Common Good”
our Part One (of Two) began late yesterday –

and because it is, participatory-democracy-wise, of probable vital concern to a wide and deep Public,
it was necessarily soon afterwards “copied” for that Public, as a “parallel” post on this “Life Refreshment” public site:-
[to read it please see below –  and note that Part Two “can not” be thus “pre-published” until afterf the Lords have published our Part One
[which 100% in their favour when they do, it is practically always “verbatim” with what you’ve submitted (your mistakes and all included ! ]

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