UNJUST “JustAnswer” website Legal “Service” –

Our complex unjust and malevolent-victimisation predicament has been put to the “JUstAnswer” service online,
and although I have had to pay first £58 up-front to get a detailed solution, which has been failing to two-way communicate and progress,
but this hour I’ve  had to pay again a further £62 in order to get through to them, but  – well, so far only a “your message has been received” automatic acknowledgement.has resulted.


Their lawyer Nicola did send me a link enabling me to see my original submission; and I was then able to try “saving” that here on my computer, which previously I had in my distress not done ;

but suddenly a further ‘pop-up’ has appeared from “JustAnswer” in effect “blocking” me from accessing that original,
and further
(1) not permitting its close by the usual x [there is only a “V” top right – which doesn’t do anything -;
(2) When in further desperation the question box is filled in and their only other button “Send” is clicked – nothing happens –
and still it is not possible to close that ‘pop-up’ – and to,access one’s original submission details.

I believe that the world of people needs to know about this sort of “Coldly Inhibitive Legal, but  Unfit-for-Purpose, and Overcharging-Money- Confidence-Trickery-ing”

–  such as so far evidently “Just Answer” is our only resort for help, but is wreaking “over-costly non-help” upon us, two disabled and legally-helpless frail elderly and impecunious loyal citizens, called Carer-and-Caree “John and Adela”, 39B Miles Mitchell Avenue, PL6 5LY U.K.


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