Self-Caring & Self-Healing – how simple, safe, and sure ?

I’m 90 years old; already reasonably “long lived” perhaps –
which might be due to
(1) having had a part of my frontal-brain killed-off by wrong-diagnosis and wrong-treatments including psychiatric ECT, beginning back with Keele University in 1954;
it might also be because
(2) “Follow-up Largactil” set about “unknowingly” or “collaterally”** killing-off some of my “trigeminal” or-something-deep in the base or rear of the brain;
it might be because
(3) The Withymead live-in Jungian healing-helping centre near Exeter ‘rescued’ me somewhat from that main robust wrong diagnosis and treatments;

it might further be because
(4)  I remained quite highly but mind-body-healthily, active;

it might also be because
(5) I began and continued discovered both the Alternative and the Complementary health and healing published advances,
and daily browsed through them
[incidentally, to this day our governments and universities are not yet catching-up with these
literally now hundreds of such good and “good new groundbreaking” “holistic health building” publications
[ NB please: these Health-building advances need to be founded and carried on
quite distinctly separately from the Medical, Nursing, and Pharmacological sectors and their illness-treatments]”;

and it might be because
(6) I also explored the Alternative and Complementary helping services –
and “settled” into weekly Shiatsu, sometimes alternately with Full-Body Holistic Massage, “treatments”.
for years on end;

then again it might be because
(7)  I am proactively supporting “Self-and-Civlisation Sustainworthy-ing”, including via three “not-for-profit, power nor prestige” voluntary unpaid e-sites [that’s this one, which is also for public discussion by those who wish to contribute or “simply trustingly include” theirselves] ;
www’ ;;  and also supportively  .-
– and perhaps because the House of Lords’s minority group “two-way participatory reach-out direct to the Public”
– has been verbatimly publishing since May 2010 over 600 of my voluntary-response submissions to them.


It might also, and maybe quite strongly, because
(7)  ihave accumulated advances in Human Holistic Health Building, have followed similarly health-friendly DVD’s (including for instance the NY Ballet Basics)

and ‘though mildly disabled and several times impaired, I am doing “fairly well” and am also succeeding in living more “sustain-worthily” – on a permanently low state-pension income.

However, today I’ve received Dr Marc Halpern’s CD “Yoga Nidra and Self-Healing – the art of conscious deep relaxation” – and its invitation to contact Dr Halpern online –

so I thought I would follow the cd first;  then contact Dr Halpern.
But then I thought “No; this CD -it might have subliminals in it -” so I thought “I’d better contact him first” –

but then on my way from my bedroom [where I do my lucid-meditations as well as sleeping] to my computer in the small living room,
I realised that the clearest human path open to me is to publish this matter, as you are now reading me a-doing,
so that even if nobody responds to it here, some and maybe “millions” of similarly “self-&-civilisation sustain-worthy-ing” persons
may find usefulness from it, for their own life-path-ing
or for the improvement – even for the  “saving-from-extinction” of their surrounding and/or world-dominating Civilisation.

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I now sign-off, and go to the “Yoga Nidra” disc.