Our “One-and-Only” Complex-Case :-

Last night I submitted via the JustAnswer online form  (with about 10 characters to spare), the complex-case of myself and of my caree Ms Adela Miles –

{previously great-grandmother Adela Blazejak, Polish-Australian citizen, nee Lewandowska, now permanently residing in the UK with Leave To Remain –
but officially having been personally and socially victimised here, made homeless, and being left officially unsupported and neglected, except for her state-pension-incomes’, and totally dependent’ upon myself and my single-bedsit-flat here at 39B Miles Mitchell Avenue, as her
“Agreed-with-a-mid-2013 responsible-authorities meeting under Local-and-Westminster Government, the NHS, and her then landlord Plymouth Community Homes, Adela and myself her carer John SD Miles, that I undertake to continue as her 24/7 voluntary unpaid carer, advocate, companion,  cleaner, cook, and general health-and-financial affairs manager” } –

and I paid the highest initial fee of £56 and asked for disinterestedly-affordable legal help and social-support, for us each and both –

especially my ‘report’ mentioned the very troublesome huge-issue of governmental, professional, and open-market not-fit-for-purpose but exorbitant Costs to both ourselves (J and A Miles) and more enormously to the British Taxpayers in general (e.g. PCC invoicing Westminster [under the guise of “Respite for Carer Attending Further Life-Enablement appropriate skilling for 7 Thursdays in Totnes – there being no such further-education available nearer nor anywhere in Plymouth, thereby necessitating a Sitter to be with Ms Adela in her 116 studio flat at Brake Farm under Plymouth Community Homes Part-Sheltered Scheme”] £3,500 – i.e. £500 per 7-hour day, for a minimum-wage sitter to be with Adela until my (Carer) return before 4pm in the afternoon of that same Thursday ]-


and I mentioned our our need

for a fully quiet groundfloor 2BR carer-caree aassured-tenancy accommodation with own high-fenceable garden
[which has in fact been “blocked” (and I contend malfeasantly malevolently and negatively-discriminatively so) by neighbours, PCH, PCC and DevonHomeChoice, from being made possible for us to be rightly advised nor for us to bid for any such available place – I intend to inform JustAnswer of this and of other incumbent details once I have their two-way discussion response] –


  • and I now trust JustAnswer to send me a copy of that submission, since it appears there was no copy kept here on my computer –


————-  as at 0835 Wednesday 20 March 2017   JSDM ————-