The Only Complementary-Alternative

The Only Sustainworthily-Complementary-Alternative

to the insidiously failed and still downwards-worse-failing
“Globally-Private-Individual-Capitalistic-Regime” –

is already afoot,
but is still woefully-insufficiently being shared
i.e. both in in new small-neighbourhood-groups – and “online”.

There is a clear distinction between the Workplace (basicly 40 hours-per-week using your ‘hard-earned’, but ’employer-owned and regulated’, focal skill))
and the Lifeplace (basicly 128 Hours-a-week both “living” and “spending”, using often ‘randomly acquired or discovered “lifeplace-enablements” ‘

In short we might think of it as
“Individuals Together Making both Self and Civilisation Progressively Sustainworthy”.

In more ‘descriptively’ as well as ‘prescriptively’, and here and there maybe ‘stipulatively’
detailed ‘tertiary’ words

” positively-peaceful,
yet ‘radical and quietly-revolutionary’
personal-and-social reform ‘movement’

of “self-improving human-individuals”

regularly sharing in a new “low-profile and low-cost grass-roots”
of self-and-civilisation sustain-worthy-ing communities ” .

See Basics, Sources, and Guidances reference lists in;;  

and within JSDM submissions since May 2010
to the House of Lords minority-group “two-way democratic reach-out direct to the Public” e-site .

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