Why Both the Old-Constituted , but Still-Domineering Civilisation – and the New-Grassroots-Growing Sustainworthying Civilisation, are FAILING –

Facts 1 to n inclusive:-
Both the Old and the New are Failing Because
the Old Constitutions, subsequent Legislations, and increasingly-non-sustainworthy and un-sustain able Practical Implementation /Enforcements

are 99% preventing and inhibiting

the New “self-sustainworthy-ing individual” and “sustainworthy-ing-ly-collective grassroots-associations” from forming
and preparing all people and their bio-environments from sustainworthily positively-and-peacefully advancing.


What could an individual do about this “self-extinctional Old-Civilisation malignantly-self-bloating-black-hole”  ?
Start acquiring the new Lifeplace basics. –  many are already listed for you once you find the Basics pages within

http:/www./lifefresh.co.uk ;    and

http://www.one-human-living.com .


And then start “praying” (mainly including “practically-so”).
for others, even just one-at-a-time,
to start joining in the same basics [asap-ultimately including you with them, of course]


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