A Clarification.


Thank you for your notes.

I look for probable factors; however;

and I am aware of both “spin” and  “deliberate-omission”;

and I do expect factual-reporting, of course;

A big current dangerous Problem is the both mind- and emotions unstabling “populism” and “isolationism”
that are now insidiously sweeping into every civilisation,
and they are being especially dominated by the USA and its ‘puppets’
which to me grievously includes this Westminster, Local-Governments, and Various-Peoples,  UK “Web-work”..

I am, as you must have clearly seen by now,, a “Sustainworthy-ist” –
based (for one thing), in cleaning-up and very-clearly-clarifying
the “de facto and by-defautl” world-language namely English;
I am neither an “isolationist” nor a “traitor”:

– a positively-peaceful-and cooperatively-constructive “dissident” maybe

NOR am I blind to the insidious “populism”, “isolationism” and “knee-jerk-reactionisms”
 all of which are now sweeping into every country’s government, media,culture, and peoples,
alas! such is also largely orchestrated by USA and its ‘puppets’ –
now even worse warmongeringly than Obama, Clinton, Bush and back-along,
by the “Trump world-disaster”.

– which whether we like it or not still includes this “United Kingdom” as a longstanding tiny but supportive ally

– but which is now fast-deteriorating into a ‘mindlessly’ chaotic “Brexit”
that is actually “feeding” reactionary-divisions and “populisms”
both inside UK politics
[where we “all sorts and conditions of men”* can neither see nor effectiuvely participate],

and is permeating far-outside of governance
amongst increasingly ‘blindfolded’ “communities” of People,
and throughout the British Commonwealth, and various other nations worldwide…

* short focal quote from a  continuing Britain’s State-Religion prayer..
We need to still be improving our foci,,
as the other parts of you often do say,
on our essential Needs-&-Affordable-Hows,
don’t we ?
Best regards to all “sustain-worthy-ing” friends
see you soon,
to do more “nitty-gritties” –  ok ?
Your publisher,