The dangers in plumping for “Right; Left; or Centre” …

The two Mindells Amy and Arnold have been finding that
specialising in “right-sidedness” or in its ‘opposite’ “left-sidedness”, can be as “bad” as habitually “running ‘hot’, or its opposite ‘cold'”;
and that the “happy medium” or “middle-way”
may not longer-term be taking you to a “better” place or way-of-life,
but imperceptibly ‘insidiously’- deeper into a “lifeless-hole” from which ‘escape’ becomes increasingly difficult.

(And there may not be “rights” or “lefts” to come to the rescue – nor “benevolent-ETs.).



Paul Pearsall has already reminded us to seek a midway alternation between running warm and running cool as the way to not get trapped – in the hot, or the cold, extreme [where heart-disease or its ‘opposite’ cancer tend to prevail].


Likewise, Arnold points out the salutary difference between becoming a “Ram Dass inner-meditator” {introversion-focused) or its opposite a “Fritz Perls outside-world focuser” (extraversion-oriented).

Arnold also notwithstandingly advises daily-disciplining one-self
to spend “self-awarenessing” time in relation to every ‘extreme’ –

ongoingly-achievable by “nightly dream-recording, and figuring-out (whenever time allows”)
and frequently whilst awake, doing some deliberate “self-and-interacting surrounds monitoring” whilst

being sufficiently “alert” to “spot” your unavoidable “day-dreamings” and “wool-gatherings”  –


thus  we shall manage to “be clear” and to not gather either “moss” or “mildew”

nor to find ourself accelerating down a “slippery-slope”
{ usually into a “collectively-blind-if-beneficent-seeming ‘slavery’ ” .

[JSDM’s choice of words]

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