The Two Essential New Basics

for a sustainworthy human-life & civilisation

(i)   The ‘No-Lose’ Method III of Cooperate Problem Solving.
(download and print a practical 5-steps copy of the method;
see the original 6-steps in Teacher Effectiveness Training by Thomas Gordon or in People Skills subsequently by Robert Bolton.)

(ii)  Self-Sustain-worthy-ing: leading focus-manual Working On Yourself Alone  by Arnold Mindell.
supported by self-exploration guidances from other leading publications.


A progressive “course” through all of the keys in these two new basics
is being prepared for practical sub-homepage.
and will start including Visualisation by Ronald Shone, and other leading guidances, for practice purposes.

( is temporarily not publishing )
—– 1405 Monday 13 March 2017 —–