The Present and The-Future’s “Competing” Timeframes

Well, we here are asking “How short-term 100 years,  and longest-term up to 10,000 years or more, sustain-worthy
is any human-civilisation at present active on this planet Earth-1  ?”   –
but nobody else appears to be concerned.

The previous posts have shown up to now some of the major facts and factors in planning both our present and our future ;
but yesterday we might have included a possible 1st or 2nd preference,
namely for a Gamma-Ray-Burst to hit planet Earth-1 –
after all, no-one, nor any of our state-of-the-art instrumentation, would see it coming:  so we’d all be dead-and-gone before we even knew it.

On the other hand, there still remains a Scenario wherein none of the tectonic and astronomical disasters begin to take place for thousands of years hence –
giving us a chance to not only longest-term manage this living Earth sustain-worthily,

but to untangle and “do something positive about”
the various “Beneficent-versus-Alien ET”  powers, influences and strategic-intentions” –

and complementary or alternative scenarios coming to mind

What do you think ?
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