Top-Down Neglect and Suppression of Best Human-Life Advances

This needs to be shouted from the rooftops – that our Civilisation’s leaders and majority core-people themselves,

as well as our ordinary ‘law-abiding’ neighbours
(who could be practically following each or any of such new Guidances as are available – they are not at all expensive)

are continuing long-term to fail to keep theirselves up-to-date
in the new Knowledge-&-especially-the-Know-How
which literally hundreds of our best Life-Researchers and practical explorers are finding and publishing.
[For some of these “criminally-neglected” and suppressed works visit “Basics pages” in and .].

It is depressing when simply “nobody” has even read any of these advances, much less put them into practice in their own life.
But when you find that even the professional and career people “never heard of them”
and arrogantly knocking you back with  ” we already have the best knowledge in the world” –
you feel dumbfounded, “paralysed”,
“dumped-and-trampled-under”” in a virtually-“mindless” and “one-eyed” slave-community.

It’s no good being the world’s leading academic and expert who has read all of these works, and more,
but is failing both to personally do what they set out
and to facilitate all other people in finding and progressine with them. 

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