The “Grapes” – but – “of Wrath” …

Earth’s life-supports declining, and almost all irreversibly:
but the “developed-civilisations’ demands still rising –
and the whole-world’s human population “ballooning” already many-times more than the Earth can support for many years, and “irreversibly.”.

All the viable land suitable for agriculture is already in full use. Furthermore, has been being denuded of its micro-nutrients and minerals with every harvest.
Water is in decreasing supply and drinkability, and many sober investigators see that increasing shortage causing  War III – the munitions, guns, gases, germs, and atom-bombs for waging which are in “growth-economics” profiteering proliferation, worldwide . . .

Your ‘publisher’ here has just paused a TV screening of John Steinbeck’s movie “The Grapes of Wrath”
right at the point where the old now-encroaching-dustbowl farmer has to be doped
and manhandled aboard the old motor-wagon that must carry the whole family and some neighbours off the now Magnate-owned whole-county,
all the way to the new development of fruit farms in California where “800 Pickers are Wanted”.

Someone quickly slides a feather pillow under his head –  and off they noisily drive. ————–  THAT’S MY CUE TOO ———-

But not before I remind you that that west-coast California is now imminently threatened with utter devastation by a megaquake and ensuing tsunamis;
whilst the whole of the opposite East coast is similarly threatened by a mega-tsunami from  an imminent collapse of one of the Canary Islands.

That’s in addition to the imminent Yellowstone mega-volcanic-eruption: …  Which is in addition to the also imminent Iceland mega-volcanic eruption –
– in turn which will probably set-off a chain of other huge volcanic eruptions across north Russia,
possibly together causing “nuclear-winter-sun-blackout” for many months, and ensuring Life-Extinction all around this Earth..

Hope for Humans ? –  a few thousands “chosen-few” may crowd into the many existing underground bunkers around the world.
But all countries, big and small, will “go under”.

The problem with that latter “human-survival-strategy” is that the remaining 7+ (seven-plus) Billion of us living human bodies around the surface of this Earth,
have not yet been told of this ‘last-ditch’ human-survival strategy, nor will there be any time for us to be told.

—— your humbly-serving not-for-profit, power nor prestige ‘publisher’ now wishes to emulate the “grapes-of-wrath” trusty old farmer, with his fatigued-out head “nursed” by a simple pillow ——2307 F 10 03 17 ———–