“Running With It” – a predicament

“Our carer-caree-predicament here in Plymouth UK is so unjust and unhealthily hostile

that I am in despair, and literally ‘paralysed’ by it
and at a complete loss where to turn for both affordable positive-advocacy and justice..
This is all evidently because the British authorities,
including a few neighbours’ passive-negativities
and the same passive-negativities from Non-Governmental Organisations,
are in effect deliberately preventing us
from moving together into a suitable and more sustain-worthy-ing place,and thus we are each and both becoming unhealthily ‘toxified’
and further alienated and downcast
Where’s the “Emmanuel” now ?.”
——- 0000-0055 Th-Fri 09/10 March 2017  ———-
The above message has been sent to an erstwhile Christian friend.