“Blind Spots” as Insidious Enemies

Myself and my elderly largely-impaied caree, are in a negative-predicament;
and a friend just told me

“No-one is saying you can’t progress – it is instead just a matter of “timing”.

My reply has to be :-


The now very longstanding ‘ban’ on our bidding for a suitable carer-caree dwelling,
and upon our social participation,
by the various authorities,
namely pcc housing/social care/pch/affinitysutton-&-colebrookSWLtd/
Westminster Govt & MP/all local NGOs/
GPs including both pcc & nhs holistic health building/
the churches/ and .mental-capacity’ people/

and now in addition the lack of adequately ‘client-positivising, interim-accommodation, and ‘caring’-services.     –


Those all make it such that instead of as you say “no-one” is preventing us –

“everyone” is preventing us –

is thereby ‘hostile’ to us,
or at least neglectful    –

except of course yourself and my Christian sister and her friend “Missus X”, who help both me and my caree ‘domesticly’..

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