Why Individual Human Development is THE Human-Race-Survival Element …

Organisations, even just one-at-a-time, rule the World:      – a “truism”


One less-than-all-round-and-in-depth-fit-for-purpose individual human-being
may control, long-term or once-off-briefly, any organisation whatsoever,
including occasionally  an organisation controlled at least temporarily by a “hidden world-dictator” ::     –  a “factor”


The more “less-than-all-round-and in-depth-sustainworthy” individuals
that any civilisation, organisation, or small-group  has control over,
the more certain it is to fail:             –  a “fact”


Currently the judicial victimisation of an innocent USA male citizen is screening :
how the false and further manipulated mere verbal and perception-interpretation evidence
of two young children alone,
both under malevolent manipulation by both their parents and the authorities
led to whole USA organisations, masses of people,
and numbers of opportunisticly-self-promoting individuals
including especially in the Governmental, Judicial, and Police organisations,
false-witnessing, “railroading”/”bums-rushing” and ultimately insultingly-condemning
that innocent man
for the murder of a young girl,

which he had not done.


His name might have been “unfortunate”, too : Mr Karl Bloodsworth;

however, this name also calls out to us “positively”
and “positivisingly”
“in aeternis”
from his recent testimony:on screen :-

 “.. ‘Bloodsworth’ is always going to be synonymous with “DNA exoneration-zone”.
I mean –  what do you do with that ?

I’ll tell you what you do with it –
you have to run with it
-or go away.

And I decided to stand up and try to help others in a situation like mine.



Such huge civilisational-malfeasance, and masses of so-called “mature individuals” and “people believing a vain thing”
must surely, humanly and historicly, “glaringly” condemn both the USA Civilisation;
and the individuals within it who so “blindly” and self-deludedly persecuted this innocent man.

That is why this post is appearing before you now.

We Run With It


Personal Question:  :How may one – ( how may you and I) –  ensure that this “one human being, one’ s own self”
is not simply maximum skilled in the (mere and employer-owned) 40-hour-a-week Workplace,
but increasingly sustainworthy in the 300% greater 128-hours-a-week whole-Earth Lifeplace ?


Firstly, surely one is going to “instinctively pull oneself together” and look after one’s immediate environment such as ones “socks” that one needs to keep “pulling up”.

Nextly, one is NOT going to start “poaching” Workplace skills to win personal-advances in the Lifeplace –
instead one is going to be more sustainworthily-‘smart’
and find “individual-life-leadership” guidances recorded by persons-who-have-gone-before

And there are in fact plenty of these available, already –
for instance Working On Yourself Alone by Arnold Mindell – securing and building upon individual-development foundations begun by Carl Gustav Jung;

and you will also soon discover that you need at least one wholly “physiological” foundationing guidance,
and acquire one or all of
Relaxercise by Bersin, Bersin & Reese;
Wisdom of the Body Moving  by Linda Hartley,  and
The Busy Person’s Guide to Easier Movement  by Frank Wildman
(developing upon the uniquely “self-discovering and further-enabling” foundation begun by Moshe Feldenkrais).

And you would probably feel drawn to making your own notes as you go along.

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