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We in “Sustain-worthiness-ing” have just submitted the following:-


02/03/2017 at 11:31 am

Better placed, but it still won’t make a difference.

Borrowing 1,500 bn
State and civil service pensions, 10,000 bn
PFI 300 bn
Nuclear clean up 200 bn
Losses on insurance 500 bn

All debts/liabilties that the public is on the hook for, run up by the Lords and Commons. All bar 1 hidden off the Whole of Government accounts.

The only one on the books? What the state owes the banks.

Now the annual rate of increase in those debts is 750 bn a year, More than total spending, more than total taxes. The rate of increase is well over 10 times larger than the growth of GDP.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientists to see that getting rid of the HoL, foreign Aid, especially to India and China, the EU, Trident, NATO and many other non runners, doesn’t make one iota of a difference.

Instead we have the Lords with a Nero complex, playing the fiddle [pun intended], whilst they population gets burned.


Mr Miles

07/03/2017 at 2:12 pm

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Bravo, Lord Blagger (of stalwartly penetrating old leadership).

‘Though it is highly probable that none of us, “top to bottom” are yet adequately “prepared” to “come-down” to living within our own and this planet Earth’s “means” in longest-term as well as immediate resources and Lifesupports –

[If £150pw is a sufficient human-living, then £300 a week, being twice that, makes the recipient only 50% personally-efficient at “living sustain-worth-ily” in the UK-Lifeplace (as distinct from the UK-Workplace and its costs) – and makes even our best psychiatrists many-times Deluded -]

hasn’t it also long been shown that Economics is founded upon seriously flawed formulation-

and that likewise similarly flawed is the whole Individually-Capitalistic and Top-Down Adversarily Constituted and Practised
‘Win-Lose’ Oligarchily-Directive Governance –
of the UK but ‘de-facto-ly’ of the whole world;

and that similarly ‘overkilling’ is the so-called “Private” Sector …

maude elwes

06/03/2017 at 4:35 pm

One of the major fans behind this absurd response to everything is a spread and acceptance of political correctness. It is an easy way of being able to play the game of fake news. Rather than find out who, what, where, why or how, is at the back of any alleged offence.

Example, you are right about rape in university raised many years ago and not properly addressed at the time. Why was that? It was because nobody wanted to discuss the possible causes. It is not politically correct to do so? It is spouted, it may offend to tell the truth. As the truth is seen as unacceptable it follows with the line, and what can we do about it anyway.

When did all this rape begin in the universities? Wasn’t it as a result of females being allowed into male domains? Therefore, creating a sense of loss in the male psyche. The feeling of them having to compete against women? If they are equal then let them be just that, equal. The rape of boys had been going on for eternity in schools and universities but it was rarely, if ever, spoken of. It was hushed up because so much of it was perpetrated by the faculty or those with some kind of power.

Unless the university, or more, the State, is willing to look into the uncomfortable facts behind this kind of scenario there will never be a path to eliminate it. Just as with all politically correct nonsense returning to common sense is never addressed. Female colleges are no longer an option, are they?

You mention antisemitism. Well, what is that? What is the basis of the accusation? Why would anyone want to be antisemite? Who are the perpetrators of it? Are they a particular group or is it random in the population? Are Jewish people equally anti any part of a population? Do they act on it in the same way the antisemites do? And if they do not, why do they not? What is the cause for all anti other groups? Is it tribalism?

Our cultural habits have been changed to include and envelope other creeds and cultures that do not observe similar forms of respect toward their fellow human being as the British historically have moved toward. For example, many other cultures or clans don’t stand in a queue. They push and shove and knock women and children out of the way. It is not something many different tribes find an acceptable method of getting to the front of the line when they have to be polite and stand and wait. As a result, those shoved aside start to push back and you end up with the need for swords carried on the hip. As was once the method of Parliament itself.

More, who is to blame for these changes in our society? Could it be our politically correct politicians who find rather than being able to explain their reasons in a debate and offer a common sense solution they turn and cry, racist, misogynist, fascist and on and on, until we end up with the Obama/Clinton response to Trump in the US White House. It appears the fanning of civil war is preferable to those who so desperately want to say they are the leaders of the free world. Their citizens didn’t want any more of the pretence called education, when quite clearly it is in fact a form of stultification. As can so clearly be seen in our news pictures. All of it being paid for by those who are in a panic at the rejection of their suspect future for us all, named, Globalism. The fat money earner the big players had set up for themselves looks ready to fall apart as the man in the street has finally got wise to the scam and voted against it.

So the answer to the dilemma has to be turned back on the so called leaders. Those who have forgot the basic method and reasoning of civilisation.



07/03/2017 at 1:41 pm

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Again yes, and bravo, maude:

this time no need to “be careful”
as you intimate –

the real overarching and underpinning Need is for

firstly, Holistic-living- and holistic-health-building constitutional, legislative, and implementational support;

secondly, citizenry Lifeplace establishment of
(at least voluntary-commitment to)
‘No-Lose’ Cooperative Needs & Hows Recognition and Problem Solving [T.Gordon or R. Bolton].]..


John Miles

07/03/2017 at 1:44 pm

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Incidentally, my first submission, at the top, was meant to be replaced by my second corrected one.

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