Life’s and Our (a) Needs (b) Purposes (c) Prospects

Firstly, assuming that

because of the mounting evidence that we ‘modern-humans’ are the singular result
of very advanced bio-technical “intervention” by so-far-invisible

and non-contactable visiting alter-galactic Beings

who maybe are (or were) “intergalactic-space-empire-builders”
doing likewise on probably hundreds of similar potential “Earths”
i.e. almost -alienly installing one ‘accelerating’ hybrid species on each ‘Earth’
to develop and “rule” (as “governors-general so-to-speak).

And that therefore the main Life on this planet Earth-1
probably still may have its original longest-term evolutionary destiny
set-in-place a billion years ago, before our “intergalactic master” [who could even be
a “hijacker” upon us,
splitting us off from the original “life-seeding” and slower, wholly “10%-competitively-evolving”, Overall Grand-Design]

such “hijacker” having redesigned us my “mating” with ¬†Neanderthal best-specimens
thus giving us a different and much more rapid long-term Need, Purpose and Prospect than any other Lifeform on Earth.

Secondly, ¬†a few random hours spent ‘surfing’ TV channels can show
our (hopefully ?) advancing human-mind
what a huge and overwhelming variety of really-sober and good,
really-phantasmagorial and evil,
niches and paths-of-life there are, in progress but some undergoing extinction, over the face of this planet Earth and throughout our civilisations.

“Planet Earth” real-life series by David Attenborough for instance
shows a sub-pack of five wild African dogs “strategicly-and-tacticly-cleverly”
out to silently make their pack’s daily kill
of one impala (deer), for the feeding of the twenty or so dogs in the whole pack –
[the lone impala jumps into a lake, risking drowning , whilst the five wait for it have to come out again –

but howls from behind in the forest tell that another sub-pack has already made the necessary kill, and off go this five –

we see,
but not highly-pleasurably emotionally ‘feel’,
that this one “lucky” impala
is only “lucky” for one further day at a time.


We pass a few minutes with such human-civilisational things as “Alaskan gold-dust Digging”, opportunist work-groups;
and are bemused how so much struggle
and highly-technical tough engineering, and “language”,
can endure such bad-weathers, generate such involvement, suffer breakdowns and injuries and unrelenting struggles,
and yet come up in oddly “group-macho”-exhilaration –

just for a few grains of gold-dust most of the time.


And we have ‘witnessed’ the marvels of University- achievement, of expertise-building, and individual-alacrity – even learned some ourself –

and realise we are “living in almost the Very Best of all Possible Worlds”..


Thirdly, however, we have seen such documentaries as “Doomsday Earth”;

and especially “How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth” –

and simple arithmetic tells us
“there are far too many of us for this Earth to sustain for many more years”.


Fourthly, what to do ?
how “reconcile” these glaringly conflicting Factors ?

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