For those who have either experienced
– or who “anyway spiritually believe in the essentiality, at least between-some-of-us, of “interpersonal resonance” –

some TV programmes are clearly of a very sustain-worthy quality
and I would like to be “sharing” these with any-one out there,
especially with any-one who is “isolated” or otherwise at all short of a “co-human-improvement” friendship.
Currently and right-now,  there is the (home-recorded) ‘case’ and real-life troubles of a professional family
and their 10 year old autistic boy,
who has  ‘- just arrived in the USA hospital where one specially knowledgeable doctor House
limps from difficult case to even-more-difficult case …
(but who ‘personally’ would rather have his old accidentally self-blood-dotted office carpet back –
than the identical-patterned but new and ‘clean’ replacement carpet ordered installed by his hospital-chief Mrs Cuddy) …


=== 1700 T 07 ====

Incidentally, I seem to detect such excellent “acting” in such programmes as this “House” series,
more “real-life believable” than much similar real-life itself ! –

so that I feel ‘spiritually-reminded’ to now remind you, *dear reader’,
of educational-paths (rather than workplace-training-skills)
which you might like to sample, using recently published guidances
perhaps beginning with
Laban For All  by Newlove & Dalby
– “… a thorough – and thoroughly practical – grounding in the most significant movement system of modern times.”


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