Following Today’s ‘News’ –

lly-    2240

The following is this ‘publisher’s’ memory of the opening text that has suddenly disappeared –

.1.  The “Trump ‘Disruption’ Policy”  and/versus
.2.  Hitherto top-secret technological and human-exploitativity ‘rocketings’
…..of “surveillance” and of subliminal “human-mind-and behaviour-control” ..
…… utilising not only computers, ipads, mobile-phones etcetera, but almost any electrical or electronic device,
…….such as fridges, remote-controls, and hand-held game-players –

“enabling” them to “spy” on you even when they are switched off !  [Being reported by some News Stations right now].

=== (but there seems to be some ‘good news’ and good-reassurances too) — 39B1 here is feeling “really-more-alive”, watching House and David Attenborough for instance, than previously dreamed possible ===2258