“Real-Life Sustain-worthying”

This ‘publisher’ was just ‘visited’ by a dream, some core content of which possibly ‘calls’ for wider-world sharing :

The Dreamt Story:

I had ‘booked’ and had been joining in a several-days-long live-in course
in “Co-Individual-Human-Development”,
at newly converting large “functions” premises somewhere in England.

There were between 20 and 1000 other participants mostly of mature, and normally mobile old-, age,
with just a few young families,
each with one or two children free to explore
about the very voluminous halls, corridors and rooms but very little “furniture”, as they wished.
———- 1108 M 06 03 17 ———-
The “course” was more than half-way through
and at the new day a group of about 16 of us ‘oldish’ people wee seated upright in a block of wooden chairs,
awaiting our “class of the day”.
We had become “face-familiar” with quite a number of other participants by now, and on brief speaking terms with a few.

Immediately behind me sat a middle-aged British (English) woman talking quite familiarly with a similar-aged English man.

I sat next to a conversible English person, but we were silently and mystifiedly, mildly apprehensively,  ‘focusing’ on whatever was to come.

———— 1118 ——–
The woman behind was clearly including others’ ears in her almost strident talk with her neighbour,
much of which seemed to be purposely-containing “hook” words, in “projection”…

so, ‘self-defensively’,  I too began talking aloud …
including ‘projecting’ some words (hopefully to the ‘nattering’ woman behind)
a phrase such as “so you’re being discharged” … or “good-riddance”).
Very shortly then this whole group then dispersed; leaving me alone,


alone and feeling both ‘guilty’ and absolutely ‘alone’,
walking around the voluminous maze of rooms, halls, and corridors,
‘completely lost’… trying to find my class for the day, hoping to see someone I knew or who ‘knew’ me …

I entered a large hall, and indeed at the far end stood a line of young-old-age mixed adults,
all naked and ‘happy’, with individually only a token scarf, beanie hat, or soft footwear.
[I myself had only an open shirt on and a similarly loose open ‘jerkin’, neither covering my loins].

“I’ve arrived, i think” – I thought.


But next, and in an instant, the dream changed,

and the “core real-world” part, which I wish now to share publicly, flashed into being…
———- 1147 ———-1212 ———–
Just to the left inside the door I had opened,
a small but very focusedly ‘active’ small-group, co-exploration ‘vignette’, was in progress – the distant adults watching.

One of the Course’s adult leaders was ‘bodily playing’ with two pre-11 year-old children –
and “knew” me
[from previously similar “healing-helping work-ings” such as go on in ‘androgogic learning’ venues of all kinds –
rather than ‘knowing’ mee through any “real-life-place” or “neighbourly” relationship]

and as a flash of mutual-recognition came, in another instant this ‘teacher’ turned back to the two children
and ‘quick-smartly’ “dived” head over heels, ‘leading’ them onto the waiting but previously-invisible floor-coloured mat,

and they rolled away together,

leaving me fingering my jerkin and shirt in surprise and ‘helplessness’ –


for this life-leader, rolling away with children on the mat, was none other
than one of the real-life ward-doctors from Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, England

from whence but a week ago I had been discharged in a leg-brace to convalesce at home !

======== NOW … =======

Why does this seem like “public interest stuff” ?  Well –

In 1954,
after June 1948 graduating from the ‘new’ Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in Intake 1,
serving my six years as a regular British Army officer
first in the 10th Foot Royal Lincolnshire Regiment in the newly created Israel-Transjordan area, Middle East,
and then after Signals Instructor training in Hythe and Nepali language in London University
by voluntary secondment to the 10th Princess Mary’s Own Gurkha Rifles in Bentong, Pahang
and thereafter as a Programme Assistant on Radio Malaya supporting the “resettling” of the the population
as a strategy for terminating the northern communist-bandits’ guerrilla-aggressive infiltration down into then Malaya,

suffering a nervous breakdown (of my own fault) at Keele University and the ensuing wrong diagnosis and injuriously wrong treatment;

I had the good fortune to be recognised by one Gilbert Champernowne OPM, as a “fellow OPM in need of Jungian inddividual analysis help,
and to live-in at the Withymead Centre, Countess Wear near Exeter for over a year –
where one of the three analysts who would help us ‘analysands’

  must keep moving    1331 ]

and one of them had explained that when one dreams of a real-life person, place, animal, or thing –
that person is “carrying your (unconscious) ‘projection'”  [ a ‘projection’ is one’s unconscious ‘expectation’ of life and of other people and relationships]

– albeit they too may be unaware that they are “of the same sort of ‘expectation'” and at that moment “doing so for ‘you-in-particular'”

——– 1338 ——
So there !

“The Unconscious is indeed “powerful” and –
[as the (not-needed-now) Carer just ‘shared’ with me]
“must always be faster than the Conscious Mind
[because it has to protect your conscious mind from overloads of perceptions that are neither “threatening” nor “helpful”,
“diversions” “red-herrings”, “rune-of-the-mill-sideshows” –  (roughly-speaking) –


break for chores and self-maintenance  1359