A current Sky  documentary shows that ” in-the-beginning”, “ancient aliens”
probably brought Life to this planet
in the first place by “seeding” it with separate hard-rock capsules containing the types of bacteria necessary for the creation of the Atmosphere,
and then probably by somehow introducing the “amino-acid”  and the “innate spirit of life-evolution” therein or therewith,
that then brought about this luxuriantly green planet-surface, and is still  evolving us “peak humans” today.
Astronomy and Biology Scientists have been working on a similar project
for us the Earth-1 human-race to now “emulate” that “life-environment seeding” on the planet Mars, but using high-tech means instead of “superhard-rock capsules”.
Physicist Paul Davies avers that Mars had, billions of years ago, almost the same potential for Life as did this Earth.
“Business Acumen” has now also “kicked in”
by inviting “volunteers to begin colonising Mars” in specially-adapted “space-stations” which will be landed on the Mars surface amid the “seeding” units, and “start breeding” too. But of the 40,000 or so volunteers so far, only 20 can be selected.


Our “sustain-worthy-ing” position remains intact;

we can see this as a further challenge to research further into the Relationship,
between the Life that we so far know a good deal about
and the forces and probable future “shapings”
of our local Galaxy and of The Universe within which it, as well as Earth, is a virtual “midget” ./  2225 Sn 050317.