Suspected Instance

We all, whether “inside ” or “outside” of the “sustain-worthy-ing” world-peoples and organisations Movement,
utterly depend on the training and information we have been receiving.

In our “sustain-worthy-ing” case, we are wholly dependent
upon certain “sustain-worthy” sources of Knowledge, Know-How, and Guidance.

But many if not all of those “life-leaders” may be “trapped”
in the non-sustain-worthy” majority Worldwide-Civilisational-Pyramid,
and “having” to believe their individual-self (excluding workplace-costs) more than one human-being each.

[The UK constitution, and legislation thereunder, holds that £150 per week
is a sufficient income for any individual entitled to live in Britain
to maintain their-self healthy, citizenlike and environmentally-supportive:

“therefore any-one “needing” twice that is deluded that s/he is two human-beings,
and is only 50% personally-efficient at “living” in the Lifeplace
however “smart” they may be in the Workplace.
If any-one knows of any affordably published “sustainworthying” life-leader*
who is not being carried along by more than one human-living,
please write in and let us all know.


  • Johnson & Johnson (two men)of  “Working Together” academic fame, in many publications of many editions –
    but all sky-high priced now and hard to find mentioned anywhere online –
    but at least one of them does contain at least some very “carry-forwardable” material
    e.g their findings on what makes a successful group of people.
  • Similarly Johnson & Johnson (man and woman) Real World Treatment Planning (mental Health Practice)
    may have sustain-worthy or sustain-worthy-ing material in it
    but is priced way above the ordinary low-income person
    seeking to strengthen their mental-health
    rather than be treated for mental illness or unwellness.
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