Notes about “Throwing the Baby Out with the Bathwater”.

Our “interest” here in these four complementary not-for-profit altruistic four websites –

and fortuitously sometimes via our submissions to the House of Lords’s “two-way democratic reach-out direct to public individuals” e-site

is in concomitantly making our self (first and foremost) then cooperatively our civilisation, and the whole human-race on this Earth,
more immediately and longest-term “sustain-worthy”
= ¬†“Sustainworthying”.


[Hospital Accident Discharge Carer just visited to help me with my braced-leg if I need anything, so he has in a some passing-sense been one of a group of two scrutinising for a few minutes the “state of the world” and “How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth” – “more-sustainworthily” ]

But as far as I can find there is no group of people anywhere in the world who are established for this essential”sustain-worthy-ing” overall “greatest” Purpose.

Many individuals now “know” about it, but appear to have been prevented from effectively doing anything together, about it.

So our “great” aim includes being careful to not “throw the Baby out with the Bathwater”.;

and to carry-forward our own, collectivisable, ¬†sort-of daily list of “safe-values” and “priorities”.

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Please now see the next post for a “suspected hidden instance” of “throwing the baby out with the bathwater”.