Which World-View is the “Best” ?

Since we are told that “there are as many world-views as there are people on this planet –
some holding more than one world-view!”
naturally we seek the longest-term most-sustainworthy.

Here is some material from Paul Pearsall’s research and practice work,
as published in his 1996 and more recent book than the core-one
we began seriously ‘on-trust co-working’ through a few weeks ago, Superimmunity;
The Pleasure Prescription 
from chapter 2 “Pleasure – the Seventh Sense” :-
                                              Disconnection from Ourselves
Hawaiian scholar Michael Kioni Dudley asks:
“Who is really happy in this world ?
Is it the high-powered fast-paced individualist
who spends every resource of time, energy and thought building and maintaining a financial empire ?   1129 St 040317 > 1825

Is it those who have embraced the consumer mentality, believing that more possessions bring more happiness ?”

This book shows that the mental and physical exhaustion of the toxicly successful people mentioned in the introduction*
and the millions of others following in their footsteps is traceable to leading what Polynesians call a haole life [ha = breath,  ole = without ].
Haole living is a breathless, urgent daily existence spent in pursuit of “better”.  It is a never-ending journey that leaves us disconnected and fatigued.

A major cause of haole life is our disconnection from ourselves, the earth, and those around us.
It so pathologises unhappiness that it keeps us from learning from the natural chaos of living.  Our energy is directed at avoiding any unhappiness rather than benefiting from the insights of a well-rounded meaningful life that includes all emotional states from despair to great joy.  (1849)


  • … (a short instance of “successful” people who “dropped or opted-out” at the very moment of achieveing their longstanding ‘dream’.
    …Throughout the world there are different approaches to dealing with the problem of “burn-out” or “exhaustion from stress”.

    Immediately here, this .’publisher’ is coming to realise that he is never going to find ‘likeminded-neighbours’, ‘fellow-citizens’
    nor indeed any world-organisation     progressing with “sustainworthying” and “holistic-living-and-health-building”.
    so better to sign off, and leave “you, whoever” to go and do “what you will”,
    isn’t it ?
 ————————1902 Sat 04 03 17——————————
(ending) “No matter how much stuff and success we may achieve,
the aloha lesson is that if other people, and the earth and its creatures, are unhappy,
ultimately so are we.”  [bold added by this publisher].