Tough talk is sometimes necessary:-

When a person knows of a situation of possible importance to other people,
such as seeing or hearing of the matters being published via these four e-sites;;’ and www.healinghelpinghands.(linking at first to
but “does nothing about it”,

they become “guilty” of “negative-destruction”, similarly to the psychological disposition known as “passive-aggression”.

So anyone knowing of our probable need to begin and urgently longest-term progress
not only “sustain-worthy-ing” our own individual self
but joining with others to set-about “co-sustain-worthy-ing” the whole civilisation we are in,
and especially of the whole human-race on this planet Earth-1,
but fails to thus progress,
becomes increasingly “self-entrapped” in hostility to sustain-worthy-ing

and ┬áincreasingly “indebted” to both Life and all other human-beings on Earth;
and remains of personal-intent to destroy Earth’s Lifesupports,
to extinct not just the vast if not whole of this human-race on Earth with-or-without including their own self,
but arguably (*) of extincting all animal life on Earth except for the smallest animal;ia and much of the vegetation.


Further, for these four not-for-profit,power nor prestige e-sites,

and for myself their instigator and voluntary-unpaid publisher,

any person in Lifeplace or Workplace
who sees something which these sites or this publisher appears to be ignorant-of,
but who fails to send in such information,
becomes further “guilty” of “anti-human-socialism”.


(*) Professor Ian Stewart’s TV documentary upon our possible future and that of this planet we are erroneously calling “ours”.
Also TV documentaries “Doomsday 2210” and “How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth”.

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