There wa a man called “Michael Finnigan -“

“he grew whiskers on his chinnigan” –

nearly three weeks ago your voluntary unpaid “Lifeplace Sustainworthying” publisher here
suffered a fall which put him/her in hospital [Derriford]
where he was doctored, nursed and generally
[though sometimes not “gently” !]
brought back into “the real world”, ambulanced back here
with instructions on wearing a leg-brace
and on self-care conduct
for the remaining 4 weeks of assisted self-healing.
This looks like being a time for emulating the spirit of “Michael Finnigan” –
and “beginning-again”.
in every domain and sector of Life, as it appears
and can be shared through these four websites ; [

a new specific “use of hands” for helping the essential self-healing of wounds
and injuries or impairments to body, mind, emotions, environmental-relatings, and/or spirit
as a www.healinghelpinghands e-site linked at first to .


and.including this publisher’s submissions to the House of Lords’s small voluntary group of sitting peers’
“two-way participatory-democracy reach-out to the public”
http://lordsofthe blog,net
under the ‘tag’ JSDM39B1 .
Summary:.Since success and failure bring necessity for “starting again” – let’s be doing that here by

  1. Keeping this blog-site both basic and current;
  2. Frequently summarising, and maybe re-phrasing, – for our “Civilisationa Sustainworthying” ;
  3. Likewise up-dating and re-capping ;
  4. Including the Knowledge and Know-How of using our hands as healing-helping assets.
  5. Maintaining a similar “sustainworthying” contribution flow via .

Thus our sine-qua-non basis includes “This above all else, first to thine own self be true”
i.e. be every minute of every day  “immediate-&-longest-term better-sustainworthying your-self”.

and writing in here please, so that others can better navigate their “sustainworthying” efforts and share their findings fairly.

——– 0733 Th 02 03 2017 ————-