Making Sense of Life

1050 Tuesday 20 February 2017]
First you’ll need every one of your senses being kept all-round up-to-date.

 [1100 T 20 02 17 Thank you Lee and Adam for dropping in from Social Services to see how I@m managing on mt accident-cracked right kneecap].

Let’s take these Senses one at a time :-

  1.  SENSES
    As well as the traditional ancient five senses 1.1  Skin  (Touch);  2  Taste;  .3  Smell;  .4. Hearing;  .5.  Sight;
    we have “internal-senses”  such as Temperature and Proprioception.-
    which are best followed using what we may call primary “Lifeplace” guidances  .
    1 Your Body Beata Jencks biofeedback at its best without instruments and machinery
    2  Creative Visualisation  Ronald Shone;  finding and developing your senses and “co-ordinating-mind”
  2. and leaving as secondary the many “Workplace” expert-specialist publications, being taught for Careers and NVQ jobs, until we have established our individual self senses and mind sufficiently for all Lifeplace needs and activities (not just for our 8 hours a day in the Workplace)..