How “sustainworthy” could our Society Become … ?

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With such “mind-confusions” as
” under English Law there is no such entity as “holistic-health”, nor indeed of “health” [AgeUK and other official Solicitors’ advice].-

and that “thick-skin” thereunder
“so what justifies having an NHS – National Health Service, when in reality it has always been our “National Illnesses & Hospitals Major Employment Sector” –

So It seems important to focus upon “majorly de-conflating” our personal and social minds,
clearing up certain “spin-doctorings”, “fogginesses”, “woolinesses”, and “whitewashes”;

and it also seems to be high-time to focus on
co-evaluating* those past and present parts of Civilisation in some order of “sustainworthiness priority”
for constitutionally-cooperatively “carrying-forward” into our longest term, many-1000’s of years, future.

A very essential part of our human-race’s abilities is our – hands … (of course) …
yet we English remain an “historical-colonially-governing no-touching-each-other’ Society-and-Culture.

So we have begun a fourth support e-site, – linked at first to take visitors to –
and there are specificly-focal and generally-wide-ranging publications for helping our Lifeplace enablement [after our 40 hours per week Workplace limited skills duties] :-

The Listening Hand Ilana Rubenfeld

Palpation Leon Chaitow;


  •  we’ll often be using “detail” add-ons to clarify more precisely the sense that is being intended, one of these being “co-evaluating”, another “co-sustain-worthy-ing”;
    ( ‘co-‘ ; rather than for instance The Monarchic-Establishment having all the say
    for carrying-forward all that is in the King’s/Queens’s Palaces, Stately-Homes, Properties, and Bank-Vaults;
    or the Local Ozzie Beer Association unilaterally deciding to “carry-forward for 1,000 years” – “Six O’Clock Swillers First Thirst-Assuager)


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