“Barreling-on, willy-nilly …”

The (your) final-forwards-enabling life-energy-centre is that at the very top of your brain and head, the Crown
with hopefully its un-impaired physiological ‘fontanelle’.
0125 -0150

This “Divine-Gateway-to the (your) future” has a one-way-only-gate –

in some ‘stark’ contrast against the
(again always ‘your’)
lower centre (counting up from #1 the Root at the very base of the Spine, the throat contains the 5th [-to-need (your) self-controlling] divine-life-energy-centre)
it is the “Confessional-&-Conditional-Forgiveness” voice in the Throat,

and is dually on the one hand,
and popularly-commonly “primarily – even dominantly and ‘exclusively’ ”
(but that is “phoney -pseudo”, because)

on the other hand it still “blocks” forward-passage of any “failed-the-human-life-test” “conditionally”, too.


What this means, by mere ‘words’ now, is that at the Divine-Voice Throat “centre
the forwards-forgiveness is always “conditional” upon one (‘you’) both “reducing, preferably stopping altogether doing ‘wrong'” and doing right –  ‘co-living better’ ”

and as is each of these seven divine-human-energy centres, in need of “midway-balancing” – continually throughout each day and each night. 0148


at the “final” divine-energy-forwards Gateway-centre at the (your) Crown,
(Note Well now, please)
– which is also needing to ‘operate continually’ throughout the (your) day and night –
once it has opened and let you (that part of your life) through, it closes behind you

and, for that particular part-of-the (your)-life, it never opens to allow that part of you/your-life “back down” again.-;
and furthermore,
it “finalises” both “positively” and “negatively” – it allows through only, and all of the “positives”

but at the same time “refuses passage” to the “negatives”
(those “negatives”, be they of your own making or “instilled”, “dumped” upon you by others, have to stay behind
until either you have, or the factual-owner/originator/instiller/dumper has, re-worked them i.e.
been positively forwardly forgiven at the Throat centre,
passed the ensuing “fully-facing-both-the -outside-world and all of your inside-world” up through the “limbic-brain”,
and then “travelled” the  “length” of the final “self-spacing both outwardly and inwardly” super-limbic  “intellectual” brain, and final-divine-energy centre
to the “Unction-Gateway” itself.

0229 Th 09 February 20917.

Your publisher
with respects to such authors as Caroline Myss and David Boadella;
where my words may be ‘inaccurate’; they are  ‘from my life experience-so-far’ paraphrasings or interpretations. JSDM 39B1)…


So the Biblical text may help us too – Christ-Jesus said:-
[“] Whatsoever you ‘ordain’ on Earth may be ‘ordained’ in Heaven [“].
[“] …and there shall be war in Heaven … [“] …