Healing-helping Hands

A “deconflate-yourself” reminder:

There is no such separate person as a “Healer” –

there are only “self-healers” and “healing-helpers”.


The fact-on-the-ground is that all anyone can do is to help another person to heal-theirself.


As Dr Schweitzer the eminent world-doctor and ‘peace-builder’ replied when asked:
“No doctor ever healed anybody… all we can do is help a person to heal-theirself …”‘


This open-mind essential comes again  with the term “therapy”:  it does not narrowly
nor medically-monopolisticly
mean “treatment”.

Its “sense on the ground” is of
“helping both healing and individual-holistic-health-maintenance-and-building” –

this latter descriptive definition “overarches”
(if you will, “trumps”)