Trustworthy Leadership, Governance, Management, and Neighbourliness.

2030  Caree 39B2 has ‘tired’  –  (  sigh no more – )

the following major task is now detail-commenced and continued in  and  )


We each, and all, have to have a range of lifesupports – from clean drinking water and safe waste-clearance  to self-manage-ability and affordably-emulable external leadership.

My frailer caree (a World Wars Oppression, Great-Depression, and & ‘Peacetime’ Negatively-Discriminated -miracle-survivor at 92 keeps asking me
“When will you go to sleep ?” – “It’s night-time -” –

“I depend on having you nearby where I can hear you – it comforts me -”

[the latter is very probably true; but I have to keep answering to the “It’s time to sleep” one-track-mind –

“Look, I go down to rest and sleep when I am tired” –

and she keeps coming back with “what time will you go to sleep, It’s sleepy-time now –  ?”  “How long will you be ?”

.I now find myself explaining “When you have enough energy you get up and do something;  and when you are tired you go down and sleep”.

This old great-grandmother has been burdened with various injuries and impairments; but once off the (apparently ineffective) medications, she is “winning” the relentlessly conrtinuous struggle to “make sense” not only of her surroundingd but of what is left
of her own human self.

Adela just came to me again, and had ‘progressed’ in this minutes-long-timeframe of her matter-over-mind battle that imprisons her –

“Is it 7.30 ? – ”
“Yes, in the evening -”
“Ah, well that’s early evening – ?”.

And she has taken her usual quiet seat
and is doing her “24/7 friendly ‘Words'”.

And now she is a very easy “caree” – no trouble, quite self-contained.  And very patiently awaiting me to provide the boiling water and decaf tea-bag for her longlife-milk half-full cuppa, and “a snack” –

and I have just “remembered”
it’s become my place to start the classic-music CD
quietly a-playing –
[and that is truly essential ‘spiritual mind-food for Adela –

and it gives us both an external  ‘life-track’ and rhythm

which we can follow –
and sometimes be moving-along “in step” with each other .
1945 -.
———So now I go do that ——

before coming back here and tackling our
and “finding trustworthy emulable leadewrship”
‘co-task’ ——-

for 2100 Monday 06 February 2017
Now we need to go to both :- for our individual part of this Life-Sustainworthy-ing Task;
and to :-  for the
“multi-way centripetal and centrifugal collectivising (new sustainworthy civilising)”
part of this same Life.