Simply Clarifying …

Your “sustain-worthy-ness” is a composite “score” made up of :-

  1.  How much of this Earth’s Lifesupports you*
    are “consuming”
    including how much you are “extincting” and “irreversibly-destroying” any of this Earth’s Lifesupports “deliberately” or “accidentally-co-laterally”.. [
    individually and as a percentage of the World and of your National populations’ “consumption/destruction”.

    Note:  Britain’s People

    [UK 64 million total – more if you count the incoming flow of tourists’ consumption/destruction]

    have been for many decades, and are still consuming, five-times more Lifesupports than this Earth can continue to provide,
    and yet are still saying “we need more, we are the world-language, we are worth much more than that”

    [and the fact that the Americans are consuming/destroying nine-times their ‘fair-share’ of the Earth’s Lifesupports, and also believing, constituting, legislating, saying and behaving-as-if
    “we need more – we’re the world’s peace-keeping police-force – we’re the best in the world – ”
    that is no “petticoat” for we British to be “hiding behind”].

2.  What does one-human-being “need” to maintain their-self healthy, citizenlike, and at least bio-environmentally supportive ?
(a) The UK Monarchicly Democratic Government has legislated tha £150 per week is the minimum needed by any individual entitled to reside in the UK;
but the “market-facts” show that £300 per week is hardly sufficient..
(b)  But – the average UK income is many times more than £150 per week;  and the total Income (adding up all the salaries, bonuses, wages, ‘perks’) averages out at more         like £600 per week per head.
That makes a total of £600 x 64 million =   £38,400,000,000 [Thirty-Eight and a Half Billion]
but the total UK Governmental expenditure is more like £740 billion, whilst the national income is “only” £720 billion.

(c)  So now we need to “distribute” this essential life-supports-supportiveness “sustain-worthy-ness”:-
(i)  clearly a person living off £150 per week is much more “sustain-worthy” than
(ii) the person who “needs”  £1,500 per week [as does the average psychiatrist/ doctor/ lawyer/ middle-manager/ civil-servant/ MP/  freelancer ].

(d)  The United Nations has long been operating
(at quite high cost to us all, but still ‘economising’ by excluding an “Individual Human Development Index (per person)”)
an HDI –  “Human Development Index – aggregately, ‘nation vs nation’ ”
the basic equation being  Longevity x Knowledge X Wealth = 1..00000
[1.000 would be the perfect ideal nation score.
We “developed” nations (USA; Japan; Germany; UK; France – {? China ? India ? Brazil ? Russia ?} and so on –
score upward from 0.80 to 0.90;  whilst a “4th world” nation may be as low as 0.04 ]..

(e)  Our “big skeleton-in-the-closet embarrassing Issue” has become
“How can the topmost-efficient “best” human beings be so much less “sustainworthy” than the “least-essential and lowest ‘wealthy’ ” ?

And within that overall bracket, how could the individual Briton live off his/her
“one-human-living” fair-share of the Earth’s resources
( ? namely one-fifth of £150 = £30   [being one week’s need for rent, food, clothing –
“and a whole lot more” as Sir David Attenborough said in hosting How Many People Can Live Off Planet Earth ?) ?

 —-1430 Sunday 05 February 2017 — we need to stand-down again, to self-maintain, do chores, and web-search for more of the essential facts and factors in our “Sustain-worthy-ness-ing “gordian-knot dys-ease