“Deliberately Developmental Organisations” Blatantly Aggressive Usurpery

Let’s be quite clear about “mix-ups-of-terms”:
e.g. (1)  Workplaces are there to support all of our Lifeplaces.
[Work takes up only 40 hours per week, to ‘efficiently’ focus upon supporting
the 128 hours of The Lifeplace.`].
(2)  Terms like “Culture” and “Everyone” belong primarily and dominantly to the Lifeplace,
 to any Workplace.

(3)  A “new breakthrough” term may be a “wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing”:
consider this book’s “DDO = “Deliberately Developmental Organisation” –
the bare truth is “Captive Brain-Washing Pyramidal Profiteering Organisation”


That notwithstanding, this is a marvellous tome of team-work,
but it is largely using deceptive rhetoric, word-spinning, and an underlying deluded fantasy
[that the Purpose of human-life is “employment-in-a-workplace” ]-
and it is passively-aggressively short of ‘lifeplace-enablement needs & affordable hows’
and of longest-term Sustain-worthy-ing Strategy and Logistics for not only all Lifeplaces but for all of Earth’s lifesupports too;

and not at all primarily for “the business organisation”.:-

An Everyone Culture
. has either been blind
to the natural and civilisational distinction between “Lifeplace” and “Workplace”,
or has deliberately suppressed that essential fact and factor.

This serious fault places it somewhat firmly in the industrially-polluting wake of
the Industrial-Revolution’s “humanitarian-industrialist-‘social-leaders'”
with their “captive-labour guaranteed-rental cottages for all good employees” but as captive worker-families, not as free-people”.

Cunning if not truly clever, but negatively-manipulative
and “hijacking” whole populations of people, their lifeplaces and indeed their very lifespans,
into little better than the 19th-20th century American slavery system which did
(and in much American-White “spirit” still does )
manipulate, and often worse brazenly and ‘pseudo-patrioticly’ exploit, defenceless “black” and “inferior” human-lives.

One only needs glimpse these keys from a quick flip through the title and pages of this otherwise ‘hope-triggering’ publication,
to once again need a flashing red light to be hoisted by a ‘watchdog’ for the unsuspecting public,
and ‘professionals’ likewise,
to get a quick ‘”warning-glimpse’ of such subtle subliminal
but potentially-insidiously imbalancing
‘profits, powers and prestiges gazumting competitive-marketplace manipulation.


For instance, terms like “Culture” and “Everyone” belong primarily and dominantly to the Lifeplace, not to any Workplace.


Your Right-to-Life and to all of its sustainworthy enablements, in a Lifeplace Separate from all Workplaces-cum-Businesses,
might be under “threat” from such publications as this one:

“Watch this space”  whilst I skim through the book more deeply.