An Interim One-World Major Historical Age of Triplel-Peaked Sustainworthy Civilisation

Triple Peaked Sustainworthy Civilisation



Earth-1 Biomes. Civilisations, and Peoples Uniting Headquarters

[An Improvement upon the United Nations]

                                                     II                                                          III

                                 Workplaces Headquarters                          Lifeplaces Headquarters

                                                              [ To Control All Work and Workplaces ]                                 [ To Facilitate All Lifeplaces and Individual Lives Therein and Between]

[ Strategic-Planning Under Construction ]

We today St 04 02 17  sent the following communique to an existing “world-improvement” organisation:-

To:- MindAtWork USA  “An Everyone Culture”


How could our following three not-for-profit, power nor prestige voluntary e-sites
“Towards a new Sustain-worthy Earth-Citizenship”

possibly cooperate with or ‘fit’ into your, or into any ‘overarching’ and/or underpinning’

better-world-building ?


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Especially I have also been submitting to the “Lords of the Blog” considerably vital published advances in human-knowledge and practical know-how,
advances that are being  avoided by governments,  by universities, and by  widerworldcommunities, too;

[launched 2008, and  I discovered this wordpress e-site May 2010,a sort of Westmminster House of Lords minority “two-way democratic reach-out direct to the Public” (more than one American has been contributing, and from youjr side of “the pond”)]


{These “neglected and suppressed” lists are cumulatively in the “New and Old Basics” pages of “One-Human-Living” and “Life-Refreshment”}.


One of my micro-holistic-body-mindsets is

“A human week has 168 hours –

128 spent using  enablements for “living” in the Lifeplace, and

40 hours spent using ‘closed-skills’ in the Workplace”.


I have just bought your “An Everyone Culture” – hoping it will help “a group-of-one” to “self-positivise” and become a “group of two”,

then “… of three” –

and soon of “neighbourhoodly-extended family Method III + Six-Thinking-Modes groupings and as


Yours sincerely,

John S.D. Miles;  CTM, CL ; (of Toastmasters International)


39B1 Miles Mitchell Avenue

(“low-incomes retirement estate”),

Plymouth UK PL6 5LY.