The Sustainworthily Peaceful Threefold Human Civilisation Revolution

The Threefold Revolution is needed,
founded with a new Constitution for

(1) Longest-Term Collectively-Cooperative Sustainworthy-ing,
[ replacing the now obsolescent “Reinforcement Theory”
and its unhealthy ‘bedmate’ “Consumerist Economic Growth & Adversarily ‘win-lose’ Individual Capitalism”]
Holistic Health Building, and

(2)  One-Human-Living-Each Self-and-Civilisation Strengthening
a generic comfortably-frugal “self-strengthening” via engagement hands-on directly with Nature,
and via “civilisation-strengthening” through collective disciplines and lonmgterm-stgrfategikc levels of ‘rationing’.
The Threefoldness of this civilisational “reformation” is briefly described thus :-
I.  The  Majority of Populations need Resettlement into Lifeplace Rural Communities
cooperatively “building-our-own” Sustainworthy Long-Term Rental-Housing

and also “building-our-own Holistic Health” -.

within a ‘No Lose’ Cooperative Planning & Problem-Solving Method III based governance and neighbourhood structured
Cooperative of Collective-Ownership and egalitarianly-participative governance;

with dwellings and environmental Rusticity & Kitchen-Gardens lifesupportiveness,
linked to optimum-labour-extensive-&-minimum -technology-intensive Small Arable Farming.


II. Equally high-priority is the Technological Workforce:
This Human-Race and our Lifesupports need Longest-Term Strategic Stewarding and Working
and its Focused Workplaces need to be “Towards Earth 2 Colonisation ”

One smaller essential “biome” will need to be the “D.I.O (“Do-It-Ourselves”) Holistic Health Building Guidance Teams.

[ NB
(a) the existing Medical “National Illnesses Sector” would continue, but be separated into city-bases similarly to the Technological workforces ]

(b) Education needs to serve and enable lonmgest-term sustainworthy lifestyles in Lifeplaces, and
needs to be kept fully separate from all Training in skills for various Careers and Jobs in Workplaces..

(b)  Religious, Educational, Community, Neighbourhood, and NGO bodies would need to join with and work under
the Holistic Health Building Sector


III. A separate Lifesupports-Workforce is also needed,
to conserve and monitor this Earth1’s various lifesupportive-or-Influencing
Biomes and ‘Technomes’ environments.


(to be continued)