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Baroness Deech’s post
“The Wheelchair User and the Big Baby Buggy” :-


02/02/2017 at 5:19 am

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Social Mobility

Where now is Britain’s world-exemplary “monarchicly democratic rule-of-law”
and where “English as the world’s leading language and “culture” ?

Has Britain ever successfully “ruled” ? Has Britain ever really ruled “the Waves”?
“When Wellington thrashed Bonaparte, as every child can tell –
The House of Peers throughout the war,
Did nothing in particular-
And did it very well – ”
So could the baroness explain what is, or should be, meant by the official intellectual term which she also holds personally and professionally dear –
“social mobility” ?

and key-relevantly too, could she also tell us how the God-created Need and Right for all-round individual-human-movement is defined, worded, constituted, legislated, and “guaranteed [enforced where necessary] by Law” ?